Policy objective

TRADEULTRA value complaints received from its customer in order to improve and provide better customer services.

This policy is intended to ensure that complaints and worries are listened to and are dealt with properly and that all complaints or comments received from the Clients are taken seriously. TRADEULTRA is committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. TRADEULTRA aims to make it easy for Clients to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all Clients making a complaint equally.

Receiving and recording complaints

An email account has been created as the Company’s proper complaint handing channel, to better receive and respond to complaints from Clients. This has been made in order to ensure that all complaints are to be directed to a specific email account complain@tradeultra.com, handled by the Complaint Handling Officers.

However, should staffs continue to receive complaint sent directly to them, he/she is to redirect the said email on the same day it was received, to the designated complaint handling email account for further action by the Complaint Handling Officers.

Each email complaint received from a Client will be acknowledged by the Complaint Handling Officers at the same time the complaint was received.

Details of all communication with the Client and any actions to resolve the complaint will be recorded and filed into a folder for a half-yearly review by the Board of Directors.

Recorded complaints will also be monitored for any ongoing trends by management and efforts made to resolve any ongoing issues.

Responding to complaints

Every client making a complaint will be treated with courtesy. Where possible, complaints will be resolved at the first point of contact.

Escalation of complaints

If the concerned officer is unable to solve the complaint within a given timeframe, the complaint will be escalated to the compliance department to deal with the complaint, and that the client will be informed and given an amended timeframe for resolution.

Informing customers of progress

TRADEULTRA strive to resolve all complaints within 7 days. Client will be given an approximate timeframe at the time they make their complaint. Client will be informed of the progress of their complaint regularly, especially if there are any delays or changes to what has been agreed.

Client will also be informed of any changes to the services provided as a result of their complaint.

Where appropriate, Clients who have had a complaint resolved will be contacted at a later date to see if they are happy with how their complaint was handled.

Review of complaint handling policy and procedures

TRADEULTRA is committed to continuous improvement and this policy will be reviewed regularly (at least every six months) for effectiveness and updated.

This complaint handling policy is supported by management. TRADEULTRA commits to providing this policy to all employee and displaying it in its business with clients.

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