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Trade in the world’s largest companies equities across the UK, EU and the US. We offer popular shares listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange and others.




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A wide range of equities & emerging markets available for trading.
Competitive pricing & Ultra-fast trading execution
Powerful trading platforms with advanced tools.
24 x 5 dedicated multilingual service desk.
Access to high leverage and liquidity.

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Trade on a wide range of CFD shares of global brands.

CFD Shares markets available for trading Monday to Friday.

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Trade CFDs on a wide range of the world's most popular currency pairs and take advantage of the volatile forex market around the clock

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Trade shares of all major stock markets from the US, UK, Europe, and Asia with leverage and low spreads.

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Trade the major global indices like the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, FTSE and DAX.

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Crude Oil & Energies


Discover the ultra way to trade the world’s most valuable commodity - crude oil.

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Gold & Silver


Trade the most popular precious metals – Gold & Silver at highly competitive spreads and fast execution.

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Trade Shares CFDs with TradeUltra

TradeUltra offers a convenient, cost-effective, and secure way of buying and selling shares online. Trading shares CFDs allows customers to gain exposure to different stocks’ price movements without the ownership of the underlying asset. It can be traded on margin, which enables you to multiply profits through the facility of leverage. However, this goes both ways; with greater reward, there is a greater risk too.

Additionally, you can trade both rising or falling markets and also benefit from receiving dividends. When you trade CFDs with TradeUltra, you can easily access shares from several markets and other instruments from the same account. This can make it easier to diversify your portfolio.

Wide range of markets:At TradeUltra we offer wide range of CFDs on stocks, stocks indicies, ETFs and more.

Lower Margins:This means only a fractional of your investment is required to take positions and gain full exposure. It’s called leverage trading. While this gives exposure to high profits, there is a greater potential loss risk as well.

Two-way trading:With CFDs, you can short sell. This means you can trade both a rising or falling market.

Save on charges:As stamp duty is not applicable on trading you can save on cost.

What are shares and why trade them with TradeUltra?

Shares represent ownership in a company. Trading shares with TradeUltra enables you to potentially profit from price movements in individual stocks without owning the entire company.

How do I start trading shares on TradeUltra?

Sign in to your TradeUltra account, go to the shares section, select the company’s shares you want to trade, and place your buy or sell orders based on your analysis.

What benefits does share trading offer?

Share trading provides opportunities for capital appreciation, dividend income, and exposure to specific companies or industries that align with your investment strategies.

Can I trade shares of both local and international companies?

Yes, TradeUltra offers a variety of shares from companies listed on both local and international stock exchanges, giving you access to a diverse range of investment options.

How can I research and analyze shares before trading?

Utilize TradeUltra’s research tools, financial news, and company reports to conduct fundamental and technical analysis before making trading decisions.

What role does market sentiment play in share trading?

Market sentiment, which reflects investors’ collective feelings toward a stock, can influence share prices. Stay informed about news, social trends, and market buzz that might impact sentiment.

Open a live account and start trading today
Open a live account and start trading today

Risk Warning: CFDs and Margin FX are leveraged products that carry a high level of risk to your capital. Trading is not suitable for everyone and may result in you losing substantially more than your initial investment. You should only trade with money you can afford to lose. You should ensure before trading you fully understand the risks involved and consider your level of experience. If necessary you should seek independent advice.